Eric Metaxes; T.D.Jakes; James MacDonald; The Elephant Room; G.K. Chesterton and much more

Weekend Links

If there is one link you click on here, let it be the first. Eric Metaxas gave an outstanding and bold address at the National Prayer breakfast that truly should not be missed. As always, I don’t vouch for all these links except to say that they are all thought provoking and that’s part of what this BLOG is all about.


Eric Metaxas at prayer breakfast: Bold, Confident, Humility in the Power of the Cross (Don’t miss this article and its associated video. The video is somewhat long, but every second is worth it.)


Elephant Room 2: An Evaluation on the T.D. Jakes Interview (Former Oneness Pastor)
Relating to Those We Think are Outside Orthodoxy (Ed Stetzer)
Seven Thoughts on the Elephant Room and T.D. Jakes (Kevin DeYoung)
Elephant Room Debrief (James MacDonald and Company)
Post-Elephant Room Debrief and Interview 2 (MacDonald and Company)

Leadership Lessons

Lessons from Joe Paterno’s Failure (Leadership Freak)

Cultural Engagement

Jim Moran, Racist Pig (Michele Malkin)
Three Cheers for RomneyCare! (Ann Coulter, Romney supporter)
Letting Islam Dictate Public Policy in America (Oliver North)
Obama’s Contraception Mandate Violates the Constitution (Matt Cover)
The Art of Growing Food organically (Liza Burkin)
Negative and Positive Morality (G.K. Chesterton)

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