Letting People Go with Dignity; Public Rebuke Warranted? Atheism’s Irrational Nature; and much more

Weekend Links

Don’t miss the link comparing Time magazine covers for the USA market and Time covers for the European and Asian markets. It is sad, shocking and depressing to see how shallow the marketing people at Time think the America people are. Maybe more sad is that they may be right. As always, your mileage may vary. I read ’em and post ’em but I don’t necessarily agree with all of ’em.

Defending the Truth

Rick Warren on Why You Can Trust Your Bible (The Christian Post)
Why Atheism is Irrational–Street Apologetics (Terry Ivy)
Bart Ehrman’s Problem with Free Will (Clay Jones)
The Danger of the “International House of Prayer” (CARM)


Letting People Go with Dignity (Leadership Freak)
When is Public Rebuke Warranted? Elevation church and Matt Chandler (Here I Blog)
World War II was Fought and Won in Less Time than the Approval Process for the Keystone Pipeline (must hear Audio)
For Every Church Planter (and Pastor and Elder) to Know (Uncommon Life)

Politics, Economy, Culture

Mitt’s Attack on Crony Capitalism is on Target (Larry Kudlow)
The One Percent Blues (Bill O’Reilly)
Everybody but the State Department and Obama Approves the Pipeline from Canada!
How Higher Taxes Hurt the Economy with short video (Daniel Mitchell)
A New a Workable Strategy to End Abortion (John Piper)
Tim Stafford’s Liberal and Conservative Mashup (Tim Stafford)
Stunning Comparison of Time Magazine Covers in US and Europe/Asia (Daily Cos)
Obama’s Green Robber Barrons (Michele Malkin)
The Real State of the Union (John Stossel)
Examining Tax Rates and Claims More Closely (Warren Buffet)

15 Questions the Mainstream Media Would Ask President Obama if He Were a Republican (John Hawkins)


Scientist Dispute Environmental Hysteria on Fracking (John Ransom)

Christian News and Counsel

Why I Resigned from the Gospel Coalition (James MacDonald)
Should You Marry a Guy with Pornography Struggles (Moore to the Point)
You’ve Never Heard How Great Thou Art Like This! (Praising God for Glory)
Very Cool Report on Prisoners Coming to Faith

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