Growing Churches by Stealing Sheep or Proclaiming Christ?

Tuesday is for Preaching

Is it your job to “preach the Bible” or “proclaim the gospel”?*

Can you preach the Bible and not preach the gospel? Did they train you at seminary or Bible college to make a beeline to the cross, from any text in the Scripture? If they did, are you doing it? If they didn’t and you do, how did you learn to follow the model of Jesus on the Emmaus Road and Philip on the road to Gaza?

Is your ministry focused on an educational task or a heralding task?

Does your preaching incite people to be libraries or liberators? That is, are you making your people into repositories of information about Christ or proclaimers of the sin-liberating message of the gospel?

How you answer these questions, which is really one question, makes all the difference in whether you will grow your church plant by the sheep you steal from other churches or the sheep you win for the glory of the Great Shepherd.

* Why wouldn’t this apply to all pastors charged with the responsibility to open the word of life?

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