Flash Mobbing Dr. King; Tim Keller; Leadership Freak; Church Planting; Kobe Bryant and more

Weekend Links

I don’t endorse them all, but my thinking was challenged by all of these links. Your mileage may vary but I recommend them all or you can pick your way through the categories and find the one’s most relevant to you and your ministry.

Government and Cultural Engagement

A Parable Whose Time Has Come:  (Larry Kudlow)
Flash Mobbing Dr. King’s Dream (Acton Institute)
How Dr. King Points the Way (Blanchard LeadersChat)

Leadership and Following

Leadership in Disaster and Defeat: Tebow Lessons (Erin Schreyer)
How To Move Through Uncertainty to Opportunity (Leadership Freak)
7 Tips on Reaching Your Neighbors for Christ (Resurgence)
Church Planting is Still Essential to Leading in Evangelism (Tim Keller)

Leading a Family (Barnabas Piper)

The Economy and Jobs

The Importance of Asking the Right Questions –search for a job or analyzing life (Michael Hyatt)

Doctrine and the Christian Life

Does God Know the Future and Does it Matter (Christian Research Institute)
Why Atheists Don’t Want there to be a God (The Poached Egg.net)
Jesus and Kobe (Jarrid Wilson)

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