What Do “Angry Birds” have to do with the Gospel?

Wednesday is for Prayer

Found some more reasons to pray and cultivate a life of prayer. I just read a statistic proving Neil Postman right, that we are entertaining ourselves to death in America. Increasingly we are living for trivialities.

Revival is the nation’s only hope and no revival has ever happened that wasn’t preceded by the people of God becoming passionate about confessing their own sin and poverty of spirit and their neighbor’s need for the gospel.

Here’s the stat that got my attention:

200,000 Years! 

“Combined time in years, that people around the world have spent playing the smart-phone game Angry Birds since its 2009 release.”  

“Briefing,” Time Magazine, November 14, 2011

“Oh God, would you break us of living for less than your glory and our neighbor’s joy? Would you make us hate sin, especially the sin in our own lives so that we lean hard into grace and live in a desperate dependence on you each day. In Jesus name, for Jesus’ fame, we ask it. Amen.”

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