Tim Tebow; Leadership Freak; Lenard Sweet on Following; Mark Driscoll; and much more

Weekend Links

Leaders, there are lots of though provoking material here. Evangelists, there is help and hope for the mission of making Christ the issue. Care Givers and Culture changers, there is substance to chew on here. But like every week, the presence of a link here doesn’t mean I agree with all of the perspective.

Becoming a Better Leader

How Leaders Kill Meaning at Work (McKinsey Quarterly)
How to Create Buy-in to the Plan (Leadership Freak)

Overturning Leadership Thinking: A Short and important review of Lenard Sweet’s new book, I Am a Follower (Jesus Creed)

Missions and the Advance of the Gospel

Counting Chinese Christians
Is the Modern Church Captured by Gnosticism? (Robin Philips)
Mark Driscoll on Reaching Men (Christianity Today)
Does What I Wear on Sunday Matter? (Duane Litfin)
Missional Living versus Syncretistic Capitulation to the Spirit of the Age (Gospel Coalition and Jonathan Dodson) 

Caring for People

Biblical Counseling after Adams (Book review)
Making Performance Reviews Work (Forbes Mag) 

Thinking about Theology and Culture

The Sovereign God in Elfland: Why G.K. Chesterton’s Anti-calvinism is not a Problem (John Piper)
Now That’s a Great article on Tim Tebow (Critiquing Bill Press Critiquing Tim Tebow)
The Only Person In the NFL Who Believed Tebow Could Be Great (The Post Game)
The President is Siding with Foreign nations Against the People of the USA (Patriot News)
Theistic Evolution and the Problem of Sin (Stand to Reason)
Black Holes and God

Engaging with Government

Idaho Couple Challenging the EPA (CNS News)
Where the “Middle” is in Population Will Surprise both Parties (CNS News)

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