Friday is for Heart Songs


I didn’t bring a shovel and now the first snow has fallen and I am unprepared to be a blessing to my neighbors. I had taken the extra shovel and put it out to bring down to Watseka and then decided I would bring it on my next trip. Bad decision.

View from the backdoor of the church

It’s 7:30 in the morning and 8 kids are waiting for a school bus that will probably be a bit late this morning. I could have made their way a little easier, their wait a little more comfortable but I have no instrument to move the snow out of the way. I could have created a story that would have been told to a parent that might eventually lead to a family finding the wonder of Christ.

Getting to the office will be harder this morning too. The plow has left a bit of a challenge at the end of the driveway for my little compact car. The neighbor across the street and to my left and right won’t have me at their side as they shovel their driveways and walks. Conversations about life, the beauty of snow, our aching backs, will not happen. Hints of gospel joy will not be dropped. Speech seasoned with salt will not occur (Colossians 4:6). I’m unprepared.

I’m unprepared physically too. Two days ago, unhappy with the shape that my shape was in, I started a pushup regimen and my whole upper body is sore. If I had a shovel, every movement would be painful.

I wonder how often I am unprepared to for the opportunities that God passes my way? I wonder how many times

  • sin has left me flabby spiritually,
  • lack of Bible reading and prayer has left me blind and apathetic about the Christlessness of my neighbor,
  • selfish comfort has kept me from seeing or acting on some simple opportunity to show kindness?

I wonder how many times I have missed an opportunity because I thought I had more time on the clock?

So here I sit, writing a post and praying that somehow I can redeem the lessons from my failure to be prepared so that together, I and all who read this will waste fewer opportunities. Maybe then we can be a blessing to others and a glory to our Savior.

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