Ann Voskamp, J.P. Moreland, Obamacare, The Strait of Hormuz, Jimmy Stewart, The Sinless Christ, Christology

Weekend Links

This week’s links with a lot of separate categories. As always, these are to provoke thought, expand perspective and challenge assumptions, not an endorsement of every particular.

Thinking Better About Government and the Economy

The Sensible Vision of Paul Ryan on the Budget (Larry Kudlow)
If this is coming to USA, how do I get out? (theblogprof)

Engaging the Culture

What’s Going on in the Strait of Hormuz? (CNS News)
When Bedford Falls Becomes Potterville (Larry Taunton)
Was Jesus Sinless? (From a former Navy Seal)

Thinking About Science and Technology

Giant Humans and Dinosaurs

Thinking Better about Doctrine

How is Christ in Our Midst: A Christmas Reflection? (J.P. Moreland)
Beyond Narnia: Always Christmas and Never Winter (Marty Schoenleber)

Thinking Better about Pastoral Theology and Care

The surprising thing that most pastors have a hard time doing. (Brian Croft)

Thinking Better about Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving Laugh Through the Eyes of Child (Llama Momma)
Why it is Always Christmas and Never Winter (Ann Voskamp)

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