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Weekend Links

More links than ever. Some great leadership links, some whimsical links, some thought provoking links, and some very provocative links related to government and economics. Enjoy.

Engaging with Culture

The Beginnings of Life: Can a baby be non-human? (J.P. Moreland)
In Honor of Debate and Truth: Collision Doug Wilson vs Christopher Hitchens
Reflections on the Life and Death of Christopher Hitchens  (Ed Stetzer)
What difference does the Bible Make on Culture? (England’s Prime Minister)
A Stunning Story about a Christian’s Friendship with Christopher Hitchens
Bobby McFerrin on the Music in All of Us (TEDS)
Christians Fighting the Wrong Battle Over Christmas (Skye Jethani)
Anticipating TinTin : Great Essay on the Enduring Power of the Comic

Growing as a Leader

Is Your Church Lying About Its Mission? (Greg Stier)
Cultivating Unity That Drives Results (Michael Hyatt)
Getting Foot-Draggers On Board with the Vision and Mission (LeadershipFreak)
Developing Future Leaders: Start Now  (Great Leadership)
Is Saturday Sabbath an Obligation? (Short three point article)

Environmental Engagement

The EPA Fracking Scare: Selective Reporting (Wall Street Journal)
How to Give to Your University Alma Mater (Mike Adams)

Thinking Better About Government

Michelle Obama’s Unreported and Unintentional Food Disaster (Michelle Malkins)
How Obamacare is Already Destroying the Economy (John Stossel)
The Founders on Taxation

Preparing for Next Christmas

Put this in Your Files for Christmas 2012 Preparation (Randy Alcorn)

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