Leadership Freak; Using Christmas; Thomas Jefferson; Alvin Plantinga; Star Parker and more

Weekend Links

Leadership. Leadership. Leadership. “Oh God, turn mere men into mighty servants of Jesus who will live passionately for and like the Savior.” Some great links here, but as always, I don’t endorse everything in them.

Growing as a Leader

The Hidden Power of Weakness (Leadership Freak)
Ten Secrets of Many Senior Pastors (Ron Edmondson)
Christmas Neighborhood or Office Party Idea (Kevin Eikenberry)
Leadership Interview with Darrin Patrick (9Marks) –audio
30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself
David Augsburger on Discipleship (InternetMonk)

Thinking Differently about the Economy

What do the rich have that is taxable?  (NPR)
Was Thomas Jefferson the first Tea Partier (Tim Stafford)

Climate, Technology and Science

New Agreement on Climate Change (NPR)
Alvin Plantinga Sticking Up for God (New York Times)

Engaging with Culture

Judeo-Christian Values? Not In our Schools! (WorldNet Daily)  –watch the associated video about two thirds down. Excellent.
A Great Testimony of Unity Under Christ (Two Churches Together)
Is God Helping Tim Tebow? (Justin Taylor)
Land of the Envious and Home of the Victim (Star Parker)

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