The Fringes of His Ways

Monday Discussion (updated)

Early for worship, she, companion of 27 years [now 32 years], turns to me and says, “Want to hear a sweet phrase I found?”

People are filing into their seats.

Friends, brothers, and sisters in the family of God are hugging and catching up on one another’s prayers. The worship team who will help to lead us to the throne are beginning to assemble. Pastor Brandon is in his office praying and the Sunday School classes are ending their discussions of God’s eternally relevant word.

I turn and watch my love bent over her Bible, turning pages. Excited voice, smiling, her finger comes to Job 26.

She points to the verse and turns her Bible so I can see it.

“Job is talking about how God hangs the earth on nothing and binds water in thick clouds and his awe at God’s incredible power and glory in what we see in creation and then he says in verse 14:

‘Behold, these are but the fringes of his ways
and how small a whisper do we hear of him!'”

“Isn’t that a sweet phrase? All that we see in God’s creation is just the “fringe”, just the smallest part, just a whisper of how great he is!”

Caught by both her enthusiasm and her insight, I turn to my translation where “fringe” is rendered “outskirts.” 

The congregation is now being summoned to praise of the One who created all that is seen and unseen, and all of it is just the fringe, the outskirts, the smallest whisper of how … how … awesome (it’s the only word that seems appropriate) He is. We rise to our feet. And my eyes are filling with tears as I begin to reflect on the wonder of what my bride has pointed my spirit to. Truly …

Our God is great he rules in majesty.
His power is great He reigns in victory.
There’s no one else who can compare with Him.

He’s King of Kings, and the Beginning and the End

Our God is awesome God He reigns from heaven above.
(Lyrics by Rich Mullins) 

Truth to remember as we begin (or end) the work week.

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