One of My Mentors, Still Planting Churches at 83

Weekend Musings

One of the guys that makes me tick. We need more lions for truth, people, the gospel and Jesus like my old friend Bill Iverson.

The link below is to an article about one of my spiritual mentors, Dr. Bill Iverson, who, at the age of 83 is still planting churches. Bill is probably, along with Dr. Gordon Klenck the most influential man in starting me down the path that led me away from teaching in the seminary and toward church planting.

Dr. Iverson was one of my professors and then one of my colleagues at seminary. He is a force of nature.

Bill is the son of Dan Iverson, a Presbyterian pastor/missionary probably best known now as the author of the song, Spirit of the Living God, (Fall Fresh on Me)Here’s the link. It will inspire you.

Here’s an article I wrote on a great lesson I learned from Bill about preparing to preach and gaining strength and depth in the word of God. Tomorrow I will post another article I wrote some years ago, about Bill and his father’s song. 

Great leaders most often are the product of other great leaders influence. 

Question: Who are the mentors and heroes building into your life? 

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