Alan West, Lady Gaga, Evangelicals, the Penn State story, Thomas Sowell and much more

Weekend Links

A lot of links this weekend. Some to challenge your thinking. Some to make you laugh. Some to shake your categories. But not everything is of equal value. 

Understanding the Gospel

Crucifixion, What Was It? (Mark Driscoll- video)
A Young Boys Triumph Over Cancer at the Cost of His Death (World Magazine)
Penn State Fall Out Among Generation Next (Washington Post)
Jesus Saves: Seven Thoughts to Celebrate (Justin Taylor) 

Growing as a Leader

The One Thing that Will Destroy Your Church and Life (Richard Chancy)
Remembering a Soldier’s Soldier (Lee Habeeb) 

Church Planting and Ecclesiology

Harvesting Without Planting (Geoff Surratt)
Should Non-Believers Be Allowed to Lead Worship? (Gospel Coalition)
Credo-Baptism vs Paedo-Baptism: A New Look (Fred Malone)
Biblical Counseling and Small Group Ministry

Growing as A Believer

Thinking Better about Spiritual Disciplines (via D.A. Carson)

Engaging the Culture

Will Republicans Blow It? (Thomas Sowell)
The Worldview of Facebook (Colson Center, Robin Phillips)
Alan West Calls Out the President (CNS News)
The Passion of Lady Gaga (Chris Castaldo via The Gospel Coalition)
How is the Bible Without Errors? (John Piper)
Organic Ag vs Chemical Ag Farming: What is Really Best? (Mother Earth)
A Not-to-miss Video Commentary on the Occupy Wall Street  Protestors 

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