The Precipice-Closeness of Spiritual Bankruptcy

Tuesday is for Preaching

It was the week I started a three week series at Chinese Christian Union Church in Chinatown the year before I became a consultant at Trinity Church in Watseka, IL. That Sunday the message was “The Repentance of a Man of God.” Their new pastor was going to arrive shortly and I was filling in the gap. The first week’s message outline for that message is below.

I like to phrase my themes and major points in ways that hint at application.  That way the congregation can begin to process how they should be changed by the word of God. Below, you can examine the message title and its three major points. All messages don’t work out in such a tidy fashion but this one did.

Spiritual Bankruptcy Isn’t As Far Away As You Think
(2 Samuel 11:1-27) 
  1. Sloppy Management Produces a Deficit Spiritual Account. (1-5)
  2. Interest in Sin is Compounded Daily.
  3. God Records It All in His Ledger.  (5, 27)

When we grow sloppy in the management of our walk with God, we set ourselves up for failure. When temptation and the crisis comes, we find no resources to draw from in our spiritual “bank account” and find ourselves in clutches of sin. You can watch the hold that sin has on David in verses 6-27 as David slips from temptation, to lust, to adultery, to murder, to cover up with devastating ease.

It is a harrowing tale.

And it is one that sobers the heart. “If this, the only man in all of Scripture called a man after God’s own heart, could fall so grievously into such wickedness, than I am no more than an opportunity away from falling as well.”

David’s story anticipates the need for the gospel.

Everyday, remind your soul that the gospel (the news of Jesus) is your need and the need of everyone you know. 

“Oh that You would continually impress upon my spirit the precipice-closeness of spiritual bankruptcy in my life. Lord, make me diligent in the daily pursuit of You. I want to be rescued from any dependence upon myself. Make me run into Your will for Your glory and the joy of all who know me. Amen.”  

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