Al Mohler; Woody Allen; T.D. Jakes; Doctrine; Thanksgiving; and Idolatry

Weekend Links

This weekend there are more than a few controversial links. But fortunately, nothing related to the depressing scandals coming out of Penn State. All the links will make you pause and think. They did for me. But that doesn’t mean I agree with all the conclusions.

Engaging with Science and Technology

Al Mohler, Creation, Evolution and Peter Enns (For His Renown)
The Churches of Cain and Obama (Bishop Harry Jackson)
Why the World is Wrong about Marriage (Mark Driscoll)
Most Democrats Never Attend a Church (Terrence P. Jeffrey)
Woody Allen and Evangelicals (Washington Post)

Thinking About Theology and Living for Christ

Thinking Through Christology (Justin Taylor)
What Happens When a Man Discovers the Kingdom? (Marty Schoenleber)
Honoring the Church that Gave Your Faith Birth with All its Flaws
Are “Missional Churches” Filled with New Legalists? (Think Christian)

Defending the Faith

The God Delusion Debate (Apolgetics315)
The Miracles of God as a Testament for the Nation (The Squanto Story)
T.D. Jakes and the Trinity (Christian Research Institute)

Church Planting and Ecclesiology

Idolatry in the Church Planter’s Heart (Cripplegate)
Why I am a Credo-baptist (Justin Taylor interviews  Stephen Wellum)

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