The Best and Worst Thing about Preaching

Tuesday is for Preaching

If you read this post today I want to invite you to leave just two comments. From your perspective, what is the best and worst thing about preaching, as you have experienced it, that you can think of?

If you are a preacher, pastor, teacher, or the one who is taught or preached to, all opinions are wanted. Leave a comment today and don’t be afraid to hitchhike off some one else’s thoughts.

Thanks. It would be a great help to me concerning some thinking I have been doing of late to hear from you.

One thought on “The Best and Worst Thing about Preaching

  1. The Best? – IMHO, that would be the high privilege of being entrusted by God to deliver His Word to man. I remember struggling (because of fear and personal sin) with the call to preach 31 years ago, and my grandmother, who recognized it, came to me, knowing from her prayers that I was struggling. Then she said, “Terry, there is no greater honor for man than to be called to preach His gospel.” Those words from a simple grandmother always rings in my heart and ears when I share! This in itself brings a constant cry for His Spirit to speak through me, as it reminds me that “faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it.” (1Thes.5:24)

    The Worst? – Always, after sharing and speaking, feeling a deep sense of failing to communicate clearly and convincingly. I call this the ‘haunting of preaching.’ But it drives me to my knees, realizing the attacks of the enemy, my need to rest in the Lord’s Righteousness, depend fully upon the Holy Spirit, and ever making me aware that I may water and I may plant, but only God can give the increase!

    Look forward to other’s thoughts!


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