Doctrine of Justification; Walter Williams; Joel Osteen’s Confusion; C.S. Lewis and More

Weekend Links

You mileage may vary, but all of these links will make you think.

Engaging with Culture

Is America in Decline? (Bill O’Reilly)
GOP Needs to Be Careful with Anti-Immigration Rhetoric (Linda Chavez)
The Arts and Depression (Paxson Jeancake)
Little Hope for Democracy in Libya (Walter Williams) 

Growing as a Leader

Solving the Church’s “Man Problem” (Patrick Morely)
More Writing Tips from C.S. Lewis (C.S. Lewis)
Tim Keller on Scoffers, Scorners and Snark (Via Randy Alcorn) –couldn’t help but think of Rob Bell’s snarkiness toward the orthodox view of hell when I read this.
The Real Secret to Effective Time Management (Ann Voskamp) 

Thinking about the Economy

Occupiers Turn to Jesus for Support? (
The Donkey Whisperer (I’d vote for him!)
Dave Ramsey on Occupy Wall Street (Dave Ramsey) 

Thinking about Science and Technology

R.C. Sproul interviews Stephen Miller (Get a cup of coffee. Turn your TV off and watch these short videos. You WILL NOT regret it.)

Thinking About Doctrine

The Doctrine of Justification in the Catholic Church (R.C. Sproul)
The Insufferable Joel Osteen-Doctrinal Confusion (Joel J. Miller)

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