Spiritual Warfare; Unanswered Prayer; Ed Stetzer; Herman Cain; and much more

Weekend Links

Links for the last weekend in October. There’s some controversy in the links this week and as always, all of them will get you think but doesn’t mean I can vouch for all of it. Keep thinking. Keep praying. Keep living for and like Jesus.

Growing as a Leader  

Spiritual Warfare in the Psalms
Why Aren’t Our Prayers Answered? (John Piper via Ed Stetzer)
When Leaders Fall (Terry Ivy)
Two Things Multi-Site Can’t Do as Well (James MacDonald)
Can Christians Ever Get Over Paul? (Ed Cyzewski)
Disagreement is Not Disunity (Alan Knox)

Engaging with Culture

Reconsidering Compassionate Conservatism (Timothy Dalrymple)
Herman Cain’s Inconsistent Language (Steve Chapman)
Christianity and Rationalism (G.K. Chesterton) –don’t miss this
A Wise Tactic for all Pro-life Advocates (John Rankin)
Total Surrender of Evangelical Faith (Dr. Albert Mohler)
Yes, Jesus Claimed to be God (Mark Driscoll)
More Discrimination Against Christians on College Campus

Thinking about the Economy and Education

40 Million Jobs (Kevin McCollough)
Are The Wall Street Protesters Us? (Bill O’Reilly)
Wisconsin Reforms are Working (Guy Benson)
School Competition Rescues Students (John Stossel)

Thinking Through Global Mission 

The Cost of Faith: Reaching Gypsies in India (While We Slept)
What is Organic Church? A Plea for Clarity (Frank Viola) 

General Interest

Growing Up Amish (A review by Tim Challies)
C.S. Lewis on a Writing Routine (C.S. Lewis)
What Have the Wars in the Middle East Gained? (Judge Napolitano)
History: Learning from Our Past: Heinrich Bullinger. 

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