Sowing Seed or Seed Substitutes? The Problem We Haven’t Understood

Thursday is for Discipleship

When you find something good, share it with others.

Here’s a great video from Neil Cole to challenge your thinking on making disciples. This video will go by so fast, you will want to watch it twice and both times it will be a challenge to go out and make disciples. [Unfortunately, the original video associated with this post is no longer available. So I have replaced it with a much longer audio clip in a similar vein.]

Get out of your cocoon. Get out of your comfort zone. Get out of your 8-10 hours of work and three-hours-of-TV-life. Go make some disciples. Just go and read the Scripture together with some friends. Believers or non-believers, it doesn’t matter. Just go do it. Your life and the life of your friends will never be the same. And if you need ideas, after you pray, call me. (630-308-4088)

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