Suffering for Christ: Iranian Pastor; Herman Cain; Harry Belafonte and Bible Translations

Weekend Links for October 22, 2011
Here they are: Weekend links for the informed and thinking Christian. As always, I can’t vouch for anything other than this: all of these links will make you think.

Engaging with Culture

Harry Belafonte’s Needs a History Lesson (Humberto Fontova) –an article that exposes the brainwashing capability of the media/educational complex
64% of Voters Do NOT Support Same Sex Marriage (Michael De Groote)
Two Stories Illustrating  the Destruction of Education (Mike Adams)
Herman Cain: Rocket Fuel for America (Star Parker)
When the Crosses are Gone from our Culture (Daniel Doherty)

Growing as a Christian Leader

10 Reasons the New NIV is Bad for Women (Mary Kassian)
Managing Expectation of Congregations whether you are a Celebrity or Not (James MacDonald)
Two Ways of Doing Life: Psalm 23 or Anti-psalm 23 (David Powilson)
Understanding Diversity in Your Community (Church Forward)

Thinking About the Economy

What Makes a Business Christian? (J.D. Greear)
Does Capitalism Glorify God? (Katie Kieffer)

Suffering for Christ

A Letter to His Flock from the Pastor Imprisoned by the Iranians (Yusef Nadarkhani)

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