Oh How He Loves Us; Steve Jobs; Mormonism; Herman Cain; Leadership Freak; John Calvin and more

Weekend Links for 10/15/11

Collected these links all week and really glad to pass them on to you now. There is some truly great stuff in some of these posts. As always, I can’t vouch for every jot and tittle but I think you will be challenge, inspired and moved by much of the information below.

Engaging with Culture

Republican Party: the Best Friend to African Americans (Katie Pavlich)
Steve Jobs or Coach Eric Taylor? (Ron Dreher)
The Deindustrialization of America: Blow Your Mind Facts
Ten Thoughts on Occupy Wall Street Protests  (John Hawkins) –a must read article.
Mormonism, Democracy and the Urgent Need for Evangelical Thinking (Al Mohler)
Is it Loving to Point Out that Mormonism is Not Christian? (Randy Alcorn)
Another Reason for Green Energy to Fund Itself (Fox News)
Herman Cain: Blacks Should Divorce the Democratic Party (Larry Elder)

Science and Technology

Trilobite Defiance of Evolution (Way of Life Literature)
The Gospel and Apple: Surprising Inroads? (Justin Buzzard)
Charles Hodge to Darwinist: “Not So Fast”  (Kairos Journal)

Growing in Doctrine

Every Christian Believes in this Doctrine (R.C. Sproul) –audio
Did Calvin Kill a Man? (Geoff Ashley)  –myths surrounding Calvin
Luther on How to Learn the Doctrine of Predestination (J.D. Greear)
Understanding the Relentlessness of Grace (Tullian Tchivdjian)
Keller and Carson: How to Discuss Theology in the Blogosphere (Justin Taylor)

Growing as a Leader

How Blowing Up a Factory Changed Jack Welch (Leadership Freak)  — how do you handle people’s mistakes
Be Mesmerized by the Love of God 

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