Multi-Site Churches; Celebrity Pastors; Protestants and Catholics; and the Gospel of Steve Jobs

Some days just do go as well as others.
Some days just do go as well as others.

Disappointing night with the Phillies losing to the Cardinals but I still belong to Jesus, so not really a big deal. These weekend’s links are filled with provocative thoughts and insight. As always, I read ’em, I link ’em, and post ’em, but that doesn’t mean I agree with all that is in them.

Growing as a Church Leader

The Multi-site Church is from the Devil (Thabiti Anyabwile) –excellent and thoughtful article on a controversial subject
Celebrity Pastors: Good and Dangerous? (James MacDonald)
Reflections on Giving Priority to Family (Justin Taylor)
Why Protestants Can’t be Catholics (Charles Hodge)

Engaging with the Culture

White / Black Income Disparity Decreased Under Reagan, Increased Under Obama (Thomas Sowell)
Thoughts on the Movie Courageous (Trevin Wax)
Nine Reasons Republicans Should Nominate Herman Cain (Aaron Goldstein)
The Hunger Hoax (Thomas Sowell)
Postmodern Vanderbilt: Political Correctness Goes Totalitarian (Mike Adams)
Military Chaplains Rebel Against Obama Plan (CNS News)
Free Cities Movement (A model for moving forward or Utopian foolishness?)
A Provocative Look at Teachers Pay (Fran Tarkenton)

Science and Technology

The Great Global Warming Freakout (The Daily Beast)
Christian Teacher Fired for Having Bible on Desk (Alex Marashko)
The Gospel of Steve Jobs (Any Crouch)

One thought on “Multi-Site Churches; Celebrity Pastors; Protestants and Catholics; and the Gospel of Steve Jobs

  1. Love the article by Charles Hodge…one of my favorite theologians. His response is clear, concise and Scripturally based. His writings, though I’m not a 5 pt Calvinist, are as refreshing today as when he first penned them. (I’m a Calvin Light, Cal-minian or 2.5 Calvinist..LOL).

    Also the article on ‘multi site’ is very good…this damage can be seen now by those who have ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’, and will be very evident in the generation to come. IMO, it only has one focus or impetus underneath the claims of outreach…the exaltation of ‘A Man.’ I don’t need to get on this, it will require too long of a comment.

    Thanks for the links…nice reads for end of week thought.


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