Young, Restless and Reformed; Charles Dickens and More

Weekend Links for September 24, 2011

A shorter list of links this week. I am speaking in Arizona this weekend and have had less time to read. Still some thought provoking stuff here but as always, I don’t necessarily agree or endorse all that is written in them.

Growing in Christ

Young, Restless and Reformed: Some Advice (The Christian Worldview)
Learning to Bow in Worship of God’s Creativity from an Octopus (Tim Stafford, fantastically cool video)

Engaging the Culture

Demonization of Water Usage: The New Oil (Terence Corcoran)
The Truth About Evangelicals (A Liberal Democrat Speaks Up)
Another Obama Scandal Coming Taxpayers Way (Michele Malkin)
The Chicago Solution: How to Pin the Blame on the … (John Ransom)

Growing Healthy Christians

Equipping Counselors for Your Church (RPM Ministries)
A Leadership Quality No One Talks About (Leadership Freak)
Setting Ambitious Goals: Key to Happiness? (Life Hacker)

Thinking Better About Economics

President’s Plan for Jobs is Absurd (CNS News)
Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme? (Charles Krauthammer)
Right to Work Gaining Steam in Michigan (Detroit Free Press)
Wisdom from Charles Dickens on the Economic Crisis (Paul Greenberg)
Fact Check on Taxes and the “Rich” (Forbes)

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