Missional Thinking, the Difference between Real and False Humility, Steve Jobs, MLK, Jr. Monument and More

Links for the First Weekend of August 2011

Fig Tree 2Fewer links this week but some great articles. As always, I appreciate and value how each of these articles challenges my thinking but that doesn’t mean I endorse every perspective or writer. Enjoy.

Growing as a Missional Thinker

John Piper Corrects Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch on “Risk” (Desiring God)
Thirty Simple Ways to be Missional in the Workplace (Josh Reeves)

Growing as a Leader

How to Tell the Difference Between Real and False Humility (Leadership Freak)
Take Aways from the Lives of Steve Jobs and MLK (Star Parker)

Engaging with the Culture

Lessons from the Martin Luther King Monument (Charita Goshay)
Five Great Job Creation Ideas for the President (Lurita Doan)
Liberals Problem with Darwin (Ann Coulter)

Growing as a Parent 

Gospel Centered Families (Must Read Book)

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