Kirby Puckett, Leadership Freak, Fighting Sex-trafficking, Adam and Eve and More

Weekend Links

Some of the links this week are particularly insightful and provocative, the links on leadership particularly so. As always however, a post listed here is not necessarily an endorsement of all it says. Enjoy. 

Growing as a Parent and Husband

John Piper, Fathering and Kirby Puckett (Barnabas)
The Type of Criticism to Never Listen To (Perry Noble)

Growing as a Leader

Why O God? Suffering and Disability in the Bible and the Church (Randy Alcorn)
How Honest Leaders Destroy Subordinates Trust (Leadership Freak)
William Lane Craig vs Herb Silverman Debate (Apologetics 315)
David Powlison on Repentance (Video included)
Spiritual Disciplines: Legalism? (Randy Alcorn)

Engaging with the Culture

Fighting Sex Trafficking: What You Can Do (Reject Apathy)
Christianity and the Presidency (Michael Youssef)
Strong Biblical Support for Ministry to Poor (John Piper)
Adam and Eve Part 1: History? (Albert Mohler)
Almost Everything We Learned in School is Wrong (John Stossel)

Growing as a Missional Leaders

Islamization of France (Watch the embedded videos!)
Understanding John 3:16: Have we got it wrong? (HCSB)

Health and Safety Issues

Autism and Vaccine Evidence Grows (Rant/Rave)

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