Nutter’s Speech; Luther’s Prayers; Neil Cole’s Re-do List; Sola Scriptura and more

Weekend Links (8-20-2011)

The Links this week are wide-ranging and filled with wisdom. As always, a link here does not mean that I endorse or agree with every issue or perspective related. But all of these will challenge your thinking and perspective

Growing in Grace and Knowledge

For God So Loved the World (Ligonier Ministries)
Is Sola Scriptura Scriptural? (Peter Leithart)
Luther’s Prayers and the Lesson for Pastoral Theology (David Powilson)
Growing as a Preacher: Understand the Biblical Culture (Justin Taylor)

Engaging with the Culture

Book Review: The Philosophy of Jesus (Brian Auten)
Going Green on the Highway the Right Way (Mark Baisley)
Is Warren Buffet Telling the Devil? (John Ransom)
Mayor Michael Nutter’s Fantastic and Overdue Speech (Thomas Sowell)
Part 2 on Social Denegration (Thomas Sowell)
Stephen Hawking Meets His Match? (Evolution News)
Obama & Roosevelt: Two Peas in a Pod We Can’t Afford (Thomas Sowell)
Is International Aid Making Things Worse? (Acton Institute)

Growing as Church Planter/Missional Leader

Lessons from a Church Planter on Starting Over (Neil Cole)
Earning Respect by What You Don’t Say (Leadership Freak)
Six Things to Understand about Evangelism (Perry Noble)

Growing In Worship

I Am Nothing Without You (Bebo Norman)

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