Helping People Pass from Death to Life and from Life to Glory

Thursday is for Disciple-making

How are you making-disciples today? This is the question that every church planter needs to ask himself everyday. How am I fulfilling the command of Christ to make-disciples? What am I doing to give more people, more opportunity to pass from death to life and life to glory?

The Pearl of Great Price - Domenico Fetti

That last phrase is important. How am I, through the way I live and things I say, and the people I love, helping people pass from death to life (evangelism) and life to glory (spiritual formation)?

How am I keeping those two activities unified as the one task of making-disciples? How am I fighting the tendency to emphasize one over the other? How am I showing the supreme value of the Savior and His Kingdom so that they will value the Kingdom and the King above all that is below heaven (cf. Matt. 13:44-46)?

How am I helping men and women to value the Kingdom and the King in such a way that they live passionately for and like Jesus with each pump of their heart?

Is there a growing number of people in my ministry who are living not for the trinkets and baubles of this life but for the glories and crowns of the next? Is my church collecting fish that others have caught or catching fish that the Savior has sent our way? When will we stop praying for God to save the lost and start praying for God to give the found boldness to proclaim better, love better and live better for the King?

“Oh God, make us bold to tell the news, the glorious news that sin and death have been conquered, that eternal life has been purchased, that a Kingdom of love and justice and peace–begun now and ultimately and completely fulfilled later, is as near as repentance from sin and faith in the incarnated Son of David. Oh God, make us bold to tell the news, to live out the gospel so that our words are credible and give men and women a taste of heaven. For the glory of your Son and and exaltation of his name, I ask this. Amen.”

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