Links for Balance and Perspective

As always, the presence of a link here is not an endorsement of all its content, just a recommendation to read for balance and perspective.

Important Articles on the Norway Lessons

How the Media Has Shaped the Story into a Lie
The Terror of Evil and Sin in Norway (Chuck Colson)
Enough: The Norway Killer was Not a Christian in ANY Sense of the Word (Townhall)

Engaging the Culture

Lying and Cheating Becoming the Norm (Bill O’Reilly)
John Lennon’s Interest in Christ (Why Yoko Ono Can’t be Trusted)
Abortions are a Small Part of Planned Parenthood’s Business (Lies, Lies)
A Sane Voice on the Katy Perry Phenomenon (Mary Kassian)

Budget Issues and the State of the USA

An Economy on the Edge of an Abyss (Richard Swenson, M.D.)
Who Can We Blame for the Budget Crisis? (Tim Stafford)
Seven Things to Say to Liberals if You are a Conservative (Fun)

Growth as a Leader

Your Best Small Group is Your Next Small Group (Mark Howell)
For Any Woman (or Man) Struggling with Friendship (Noel Piper)
20 Things to Stop Doing to Others (Mark and Angel Hack)
Killing a Church in One Generation (Justin Taylor)

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