Reading for Glory and Impact

Weekend Links for 7/23/11

Links for your weekend reading. Once again, a link here doesn’t mean I agree with what is said, only that I thought it worth passing on. I have one goal, to live for the audience of JESUS and help you do the same.

John Piper to a Questioning Teen (John Piper)
Leading a Congregation Out of Racism (Perry Noble/Richard Westley)
Why We Don’t Read the Bible (Crossway)
Born to Be Wild (The Real Christian Way)
What Christian Leaders Can Learn from a Movie Failure (Pixar)
Are all Sins Equal and are there Levels of Pain in Hell? (CRI)

The Defense of Marriage Pledge: Actually, It Got it Right (NPR)
A Bad Idea? Changing how the President is Elected (I think so)
Waivers for Sale from Obamacare? (Michelle Malkin)
The Truth About Asian Carp  (Detroit Free Press)
The Deception of Homosexual Adoption (Kairos Journal)
More Cars are Made in Ontario Canada than Michigan!  (Salena Zito)
New Help for the War Against Abortion (Steven Ertelt)

What the Budget Debate is Really all About (Michael Barone)
From One African American Leader to Another, on the Budget Issues facing the nation (CSN)

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