Discipling Men in a Desperate Housewives World

Thursday is for Discipleship

The sad state of the church in America is illustrated in the following quote from Peter Feuerherd’s Holyland USA, (2006):

The women of Wisteria Lane [Desperate Housewives] created must-see Sunday nights all over blue and red America. Their behavior was far from holy, but evangelicals watched as much as anyone else did. “American culture … is an enormously powerful force, and it will change religion, just as religion will change culture,” concluded Wolfe.

Wolfe, a Jew who teaches at a Jesuit College, has long had an interest in the sociological developments of Middle Americans, including evangelicals. He’s come to one conclusion: evangelicals are here to stay, and they will continue to influence the rest of us. At the same time we will be influencing them.” 

Dr. Wolfe is absolutely right, “American culture … is an enormously powerful force, and it will change religion.” It not only will, it has changed it, it is changing it and the evangelical viewing of TV programs like Desperate Housewives is proof that the culture is having more influence on us (the Church) than the Church is having on the culture.

Question: How does your discipleship process impress upon the saints the need to not be conformed to this world but to be transformed, by the renewing of their minds?

3 thoughts on “Discipling Men in a Desperate Housewives World

  1. Sometimes (and often) I feel like I an just shouting into a huge void, too deep to even get an echo. Preach and teach Romans 12:1-2, etc. and get head nods and amens, but nothing changes. Listen to the conversations after any study or sermon and nary a word indicating an urge to seek transformation.

    Now I’ll quit whining and get ready for tomorrow morning.


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