Weekend Links for June 4, 2011

Weekend Links

You don’t have time to read everything that is relevant to your world, but I have taken the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Class [seriously ; ) ]. So here are some links you might find relevant. Pick and choose the ones that strike your fancy. They’re all good. [These are a day early because there are so many good ones this week.]

Nurturing the Soul

Interpreting the Ups and Downs of Life (Andree Seu)
Thinking about Retirement Biblically (Randy Alcorn / John Piper)
The Marvelous Doctrine of Adoption (Desiring God: Michael Johnson)
Living with Disability and Trusting God (Desiring God) – please watch this video for your own soul and for all those you know or will know who are confounded by the mysteries of God’s dealings.

Nurturing the Economy

Setting a National Goal for Economic Growth (Eric Cantor has an idea)
Ditching College for a Better Future (College is not for everyone)
Ethanol is Not the Way to Go (NPR / Weekly Standard)
What it Takes to Win in the Job Market (Funny and Telling)
If You Hate Racism and Want to Defeat Poverty (Please read this article)

Nurturing Your Leadership Growth

Leadership Freak on Pursuing Excellence (Short and sweet)
Trends in the American Church (Barna 2010 conclusions)
Respect for Others is the Beginning of Your Leadership (Leadership Freak)
Getting Rid of Entitlement Thinking in Your Heart (Leadership Freak)

Cultural Engagement

Our President is Undercutting His Own Power Internationally and Sabotaging Israel in the Process (Charles Krauthammer)
Wonder Woman of Europe Seeking to Save a Continent (Joshua Hammer)
When Punishment is a Crime (Steve Chapman)
Muslim Brotherhood Candidate in Egypt (CSN News)
How the Economics of President Obama Work (Thomas Sowell)
Dangerous Stiff-arm of the Press by Obama Administration  (Salena Zito)
Radical Shift in German Energy Policy (nuclear out by 2022)

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