What are the White-Hot-Button Issues in Discipleship?

FlameMonday Discussion

Can my readers help me with a list of evangelism / discipleship / church planting issues that they would like to have addressed over the summer months?

Please make your suggestions in the comments rather than on facebook.

4 thoughts on “What are the White-Hot-Button Issues in Discipleship?

  1. How does God “speak?” Does he speak only through the Bible? In what way, if any, can a person say, “God told me,” especially as it relates to other people? I notice some writers are putting words in God’s mouth, so to speak, by writing devotionals that purport to tell readers what God is saying to them (the readers.) How should we respond to that?


  2. How church planting can work with traiditional churches in building together? We are planting a church in Chicago with a traidtional church and we are learning as we go how house church and a tradtional church work together.


  3. I believe that after basic discipleship, new Christians aught to be taught to be BOLD with the Gospel. The only way that we as Christians learn to be bold with the Gospel is to practice evangalism in our day to day lives. What are your thoughts on this? How is it supported scripturally, and how, and when should it be taught in the discipleship process?


  4. discipleship — couples living together and Christian couples living together and God’s teaching on this…. and how it is wrong….etc.


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