When the Silence of God is Deafening: The Soul’s Refuge

Wednesday is for Prayer

I was reflecting on the devastation that many must be feeling in light of their experience in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri and felt David’s “how long Oh God” of Psalm 13 was appropriate. I hope you will read the Psalm and let it move you to pray for all those in Oklahoma and Missouri who are suffering from the tornadoes and those in Japan who continue to suffer after their earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster.

When God Doesn’t Listen

When your heart is broken, when your hope is dim, when you feel forsaken, when fear has captured your heart, when his presence feels distant, Psalm 13 is good place to go. Read the Psalm and perhaps my reflection here will help you use it to express your prayer to God.

Poems for Psalms
(Another addition to “The Poetry Project”)
Suggested by Psalm 13

Where is the welcoming light at your door?
I knock,
but hear no approaching footsteps.
no response to my insistent rapping and nervous over-the-shoulder looks.

Instead, the darkness thickens
and I am left crumpled and crumbled at the base
of a closed and bolted door,
without refuge
without protection
as the crowd gathers in the street
and voices, mocking, trash talking,
threatening my soul,
multiplying moment to moment,
deepening my loneliness and telling me I am abandoned.

When will You open the door?
When will You bring me inside?
When will You lift me up out of this pit?

Until You do,
Until You do,
I will be here.
Waiting to sing a new song of joy,
because I have not forgotten,
—-I will not forget Your bounty.

© Marty Schoenleber, Jr. 2008

Originally Posted on November 4, 2010

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