6 thoughts on “Harold Camping: Fool, Charlatan, Brother, or Wolf?

  1. #1 He can redeem himself with the Lord by repenting as publicly as he proclaimed.

    #2 The flock is protected through good exegesis taught by servant shepherds who live humbly according to the Word of God.


  2. Public humble repentance and cessation of ministry; words followed by actions: donate all radio stations to another ministry, donate all acquired funds to another ministry. Retire.

    Bad exegesis has to be replaced with good. The flock is left vulnerable to eating garbage when they have no idea how to discern because they are content with the junk food from so many pulpits.


    1. John, love your point number one. As I was mowing the lawn today, this thought: Our usefulness to God grows or diminishes on the humility vs pride scale. Your second comment is spot on in my opinion.

      Rosemarie, Love your comments too. I would love to see him retire and place himself under the accountability of a local church once again–something he has avoided for years. His exegesis has been atrocious for at least 35 years. Where was his accountability?

      Llamma Momma, I always want to spell momma with two “a’s”. Go figure. It is sad that such a small group, though greatly committed to their deal, were given so much attention when other viable, humble, substantive ministries are ignored, but it is what we must expect until the King comes to reign in glory. There is no substitute or excuse for each of us not knowing our Bible. This generation’s Christians has so much available to them to study the Bible and is perhaps the least biblically literate of the last 300 years. Sad.

      But the King is still really and truly risen, interceeding and coming. And that will always be good news. Let’s tell the world.


  3. What saddens me most about this whole thing is that the media gave him so much attention, and so many people were hurt by his “predictions.” All the people who believed him and altered their lives — some making foolish decisions, thinking the “end” was right around the corner.

    And the way this looks to people who don’t follow Jesus…just ridiculous. So, the mocking of “stupid” christians.

    I’m reminded that the most important job I have as a mother is to teach my children God’s word. To make sure they read it and soak it in and KNOW what the bible says, so when people come along with other ideas, they know the truth…whether it’s in an attractive package saying there is no hell, or a kind of wild package telling us a specific day of Christ’s return.


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