The King Wants Fruit from the Seed He Sows

Monday Discussion

Since the point of the parable of the four soils (Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23; Mark 4:1-20) is that those who …

  • truly hear and receive the word of the Kingdom (the seed) …
  • become fruitful (the seed sown in them produces fruit with more seed) for the Kingdom …
Is it possible to be a citizen of the Kingdom, and not be directly engaged in sowing more seed for the King and his Kingdom?

One thought on “The King Wants Fruit from the Seed He Sows

  1. As an experiment, I post this short post over on Facebook and the following question came in as a private message to me. My friend had a number of comments that I have cut out because they were more personal in nature but here is her question and my slightly amended response.

    Marty. I wonder — What does this look like for a mother? I wrestle hard with just this. What am I called to? Please pray?

    Ann, always honored by your comments. Your question is an excellent one.

    First, I would say that a mother, especially a mother with children under foot, fulfills this “planting seed” by exactly the kind of things that you write about all the time. You are attempting the planting the gospel of the kingdom everyday in the gospel centered child-rearing that you do. I think this is part of what that mysterious text from Paul in 1 Timothy 2:15 means. A mother has an intense season in her life where much of her energy and time and opportunity is, many instances, depending on the personality, is consumed by the planting and cultivating of the seed of the gospel in the heart of her children. In the best situations, she does not do this alone, a husband like yours partners with her in planting seed by showing the beauty of the grown plant of the gospel in their own lives and love for one another. This task is great, exhausting, sacrificial and productive but it requires little boldness (generally).

    Second, there are those episodic opportunities that pop up, like your families trip to Toronto to serve the homeless. This requires a bit more boldness and inconvenience. More boldness because they are strangers. More inconvenience because family rhythms are disrupted.

    Third, a mother, often through her children, has some (many?) opportunities to share life with other woman and in those relationships, especially in the “daily-ness” of those relationships much more boldness is required. More boldness because risk of rejection, the fear of men is always present in our heart.


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