Remembering an Extraordinary Woman

Weekend Musings

The Day Before Mother’s Day:
Reflections on the day mom died.


Mom and Dad before they both joined Jesus in heaven
Mom and Dad before they both joined Jesus in heaven

Sunday is mother’s day and this will be the first mother’s day without my mom. She died at 4:30 PM August 25th of last year. We brought her home from the hospital to my brother’s home in Michigan just a few days before—knowing the time was short.

There will be tears tomorrow in the homes of her seven children. Tears of emptiness, and joy, laughing tears, and achy tears. We will probably all call one another and enjoy being linked by her solitary and extraordinary life. 

About two or three hours before she died, I was thinking about mom and her children, my younger four brothers and two sisters. I wasn’t trying to “say something nice.” I was just speaking the truth as my heart overflowed with thanks for the legacy of a woman who had given 50 years of her life to her husband and 55+ of her years to her children and I was in awe of her and my siblings.

“Mom,” I said, “I love your kids. I don’t love them because they are famous. I love them because they ought to be. You raised some extraordinary kids. All of them are leaders and all of them have married well and lead and love their families with integrity and honor. My brothers and sisters are amazing.” [Those of you who know any of my brothers–Karl, Ed, Will, or Joe, or sisters, Mary and Heather–know I am not exaggerating.]

“You changed the world mom.”

“You think so,” she said.

“Yeah, I do.”

“That’s good,” she said as she winced through the pain that spasmed her body. No bravado, just quiet faithfulness. 

A couple of hours later she was with Jesus.  Most of you never met her. But if you are in Christ, you will have that privilege in a never-ending day around the throne of our Risen King. You can tell her what all her children will tell her. “Well done.” 

Enjoy and honor your mother tomorrow.

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