Turn Up the Volume and Listen Closely

Thursday is for Disciplehip

One of my former students posted this video a few days ago. I don’t know how he came across it but I am thankful he did. Alan Hirsch, the man underneath the scarf and the speaker in the video is an Australian missional strategist and currently one of the church planting gurus of the age. He is an envelope-pusher and as such, upsets some apple carts. But there is value in what he says.

On another note, since our plans to plant a church in Mundelein/Vernon Hills were derailed, for the last four weeks we have been exploring a new church planting vision that I had settled on calling Communitas. When I saw the video I thought I would pass it on here as similar in theme. Enjoy. And if you want to hear more about the church plant go to this link.

Danger is good for us. Amen.

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