What is a Biblical Response to the Death of Osama Bin Laden?

Monday Discussion 

There is a thinness to evangelical piety in America that is in danger of undercutting everything that the church is doing in the world.

Such is not the case with the following sound clip from Dr. Wayne Grudem. It is apparently something from a class that Dr. Grudem was teaching at his home church in Phoenix, where he is on the faculty of Phoenix Theological Seminary.

I had the privilege of taking one class in the ThM program from Dr. Grudem when he taught at Trinity Seminary in Deerfield, IL. He is one of the most gracious men I have ever met, and his introduction to systematic theology is one of the most helpful and devotional treatments of the rudiments of systematic theology that has ever been written.

Here’s the clip. It answers the question “What is a Biblical Response to the Death of Osama Bin Laden?” It is a great investment of 7 minutes. Give it a listen and then come back here and comment on what you think.

4 thoughts on “What is a Biblical Response to the Death of Osama Bin Laden?

  1. I like the balance in his response of both being glad that a criminal was brought to justice, but not a gloating in that a human life was taken. I tend to think that terrorists are the pawns of the evil one and have been deceived into doing acts of evil with what they perceive as good intentions. Would it be correct to equate Paul’s persecution of early followers of Christ with those who now kill Christians for similar reasons? The challenge for Christians is how to evangelize Muslims, who need to hear the Good News and receive salvation just as much as anyone else. Is not that the sure way to a more peaceful world?


  2. Excellent. It will also be very helpful in prison ministry as we deal with individuals who have committed horrific crimes and are now serving out the justice meted out by the state. However, we are called to minister to them in the same manner as we minister to all other inmates.


  3. I agree with the speakers Marty, but I do feel there is an exception or and addition to this rule in the case of iconic figureheads. If the evil doer is idolized to the point of becoming a legend it’s a different matter. No one is happy about Bin laden turning to evil and it is sad that he appears to not have been redeemed, but I think it is important to ridicule the legend. The terrorists have made him into a sort of god. With his unceremonious killing he has been show to them, to be just a man of flesh and blood. The illusion is shattered.

    Taking it away from Islam for a second I would say it’s a good thing when people mock Hitler. There’s something about making him look stupid that is making his ideology stupid as well.

    In that light I believe it is a good thing to mock the terrorists because I believe you are mocking an ideology more than the person. Osama had achieved rock start status. It’s something that every little jihadist’s dreams of being. He appeared to have superhuman and supernatural powers because he had been so illusive. He was a rallying point, an inspiration, a celebrity.

    His fall makes him less inspiring, weaker, and more pathetic to the terrorists. Remember 911 is the most impressive blow the terrorists have ever struck. It’s important that the perceived leader of that attack be humiliated and cast down from his legendary status.

    So I think we should celebrate, laugh and make light of his campaign of wickedness. As to the man, that is for God to judge.



    1. Paul, Dr. Grudem is definitely that, one of the most balanced men I have ever met, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

      John, glad the post will be useful in the prison ministry. You’re a hero.

      Dan, there is something to be said for what you say here. Still makes me very uncomfortable.


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