Oh God, Give Us Leaders with Such Humility

Wednesday is for Prayer

Francis SchaefferI picked this up from Jared Wilson’s Blog a few days ago.

How Christian VIP’s Act

From Doug Nichols, International Director of Action International Ministries:

In 1966 I joined Operation Mobilization for a year of ministry in France, but spent two years in India instead. While in London that summer, at the one-month OM orientation, I volunteered to work on a clean-up crew late one night.

Around 12:30 a.m. I was sweeping the front steps of the Conference Centre when an older gentleman approached and asked if this was the OM conference. I told him it was, but almost everyone was in bed.

He had a small bag with him and was dressed very simply. He said he was attending the conference, so I said, ‘Let me see if I can find you a place to sleep’. Since there were many different age groups at OM, I thought he was an older OMer.

I took him to the room where I had been sleeping on the floor with about fifty others and, seeing that he had nothing to sleep on, laid some padding and a blanket on the floor and used a towel for a pillow. He said it would be fine and he appreciated it very much.

As he was preparing for bed, I asked him if he had eaten. He had not as he had been travelling all day. I took him to the dining room but it was locked. So after picking the lock I found cornflakes, milk, bread, butter and jam — all of which he appreciated very much.

As he ate and we began to fellowship, I asked where he was from. He said he and his wife had been working in Switzerland for several years in a ministry mainly to hippies and travellers. It was wonderful to talk with him and hear about his work and those who had come to Christ. When he finished eating, we turned in for the night.

However, the next day I was in trouble! The leaders of OM really ‘got on my case’. ‘Don’t you know who that man is on the floor next to you?’ they asked. ‘It is Dr Francis Schaeffer, the speaker for the conference!’

I did not know they were going to have a speaker, nor did I know who Francis Schaeffer was, nor did I know they had a special room prepared for him!

After Francis Schaeffer became well known because of his books, and I had read more about him, I thought about this occasion many times — this gracious, kind, humble man of God sleeping on the floor with OM recruits! This was the kind of man I wanted to be.

“God, give us more leaders, make us leaders, whose humility shines and attracts others to emulate us for the glory of the risen Christ. Amen.”

2 thoughts on “Oh God, Give Us Leaders with Such Humility

  1. The story about Francis Schaeffer reminds me of a statement that I ran across a couple of days ago, “The Hebrew perspective of humility is not about low self-esteem, but rather about low self-preoccupation.” used in a discussion of the Beatitude, Blessed are the poor in spirit, …” I believe that is an accurate description of Schaeffer as reported in this story.

    We need an vaccination for this, and I need to be at the head of the lne.


  2. Wow and Amen!!! Marty, thanks for sharing this. Dr. Schaeffer has been one of my heroes for many years, as the Lord used some of his writings to create a deep thirst of “truth in love” in my heart back in the 1980s. I can not thank you enough for sharing this story. And I join you in the prayer…do it in us Oh Lord, that our generation may see that you still desire to reveal your glory of grace, mercy and truth through broken, lowly and earthen vessels!

    Another short story from a friend of mine who went to hear Francis give a lecture. After he spoke, and was standing out side with several of the attendees, being questioned about his writings (“Man with a capital M,” “Taking the roof off”, etc…) These attendees were waxing eloquent and wanting to appear as intellectuals in front of Dr. Schaeffer. Then, in the middle of the conversation, Francis said, “Gentlemen, excuse me, there is something I need to do.” As they watched him walk off, and to their amazed conviction, he walked across the street and greeted a group of young teenagers, who were loitering on the adjacent street corner, and began entering their life and sharing the gospel. An example indeed.

    I pray the joy of the Lord rises to meet you in the coming year, my friend. God bless…


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