Advice for Young Preachers

Tuesday is for Preaching

Picture of house with graffitiAdvice for Young Preachers Just out of Seminary / Bible College or in your first full time preaching assignment:

  1. Circular file all conference/seminar invitations for the next two to three years.
  2. Concentrate on loving people, studying the Word of God, and praying for your people and neighborhood.
  3. Practice the 5-5-5 plan* (this goes beyond the first two years). Have two or three people evaluate your messages each week for clarity and accuracy.
    * Devote five years, five days a week, five hours a day to prayer and Bible Study.
    * Preach through Books of the Bible not Topics.
  4. Practice beating a path to the cross from every text, every week. (ask me why in the comments).

4 thoughts on “Advice for Young Preachers

  1. Hey Rusty, good to hear from you.
    Shave it down a bit for bi-vocational pastors, make it a 3-3-3 plan.

    Be creative, study and pray with your wife and family for the church. The principle is the same. If you are going to have anything to say that is of worth in the pulpit, there is no substitute for time spent with God, listening to his voice in his word and brooding over its import in prayer.

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    1. Tony,

      The idea is to help a new preacher find his own voice and style as well as learn good patterns of study, reflection and prayer in the initial stages of his ministry. Actually, I would go to one conference a year. But pick a conference that is designed to nurture the pastor’s soul. Stay away from conferences in the first three years that are filled with “how to’s.” It is more important to “dwell in the land and be faithful”, love some people, proclaim the gospel and learn to depend on the God you serve.


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