Where Did All the Women Go?

Stop Violence Against WomenAbortion and what might be called “abortion culture” is not just an American problem. It is a global problem. The war on women is under the radar, under reported, and under appreciated by the liberal-leaning media of our nation. But ideas have consequences and women around the world are paying the price. This brief article is from John Stonestreet. To hear a podcast of the article click on the title.

Gendercide: Asia Without Women

By: John Stonestreet|Published: April 1, 2011 9:44 AM

100 million more men than women in Asia? Why?

In 1927, Ernest Hemingway imagined a world of violence, crime, and cruelty in a series of stories called “Men Without Women.” Now, Niall Ferguson of Newsweek suggested Hemingway’s vision is coming true in Asia right now.

For example, in China, there are 123 male children for every 100 female children, an imbalance dramatically higher than just 50 years ago. When these children are ready to marry, there will be 22 million more men than women.

Why the imbalance? After 30 years of the “one child policy” China is seeing that ideas have consequences. Seeing the world in economic terms and denying God’s design for the family, has led this nation to commit gendercide. The result: a generation of undomesticated men and a spike in violent crime, corruption and aggression. And trust me, girls will be the victim of this too.

Men Without Women
Niall Ferguson | Newsweek | March 06, 2011

The Global Threat of Gendercide
Albert Mohler | AlbertMohler.com | March 08, 2011

One thought on “Where Did All the Women Go?

  1. “denying God’s design for the family”

    I have read this article and realize it’s impact. Anything God has designed was with love and with us in mind. Just as Hitler thought he would make a master race, China thought more men would be a good idea. A common link here seems to be dictators and communism. What ever the case may be, the outcome is now obvious. It is an abomination and will reap tragedy.


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