Helping Japan in Her Hour of Need

Crisis focus.

Earthquake, tsunami, followed by 100’s of large aftershocks, and now the threat of nuclear disaster. Japan is traumatized. In addition, though media have rightly affirmed the Japanese for their calm, their patience, the lack of rioting, protest, or looting–they have not reported the sad underbelly of Japanese culture.

For all of its beauty and interest, it affluence and material success, Japanese culture is one of the most HOPE-less cultures on earth. Over 30,000 people commit suicide every year. Japanese films, remarkable for their creativity and beauty, are almost always desperately hope-less and depressing.

I love Japan and the Japanese people. Six trips to Japan and a relationship with a remarkable Japanese leader in Dr. K. Horiuchi spanning over 20 years, training Japanese church planters and workers for Japan and working with Japan Food for the Hungry, four visits to the Japanese peace museum in Hiroshima have all demonstrated to me the incredible resilience and industriousness of the Japanese. My heart breaks with each new report coming out of Japan.

One hundred twenty million Japanese are in continuing terror. They need the people of God worldwide to be intensely purposeful on their behalf. In this post I have gathered a number of links to help mobilize Christians in the most effective ways–ways that bring real help AND great glory to God.  It is important that believers do all that they can to act as arrows pointing the way to the beauty of Christ in the horrors of the Japanese present.

So if you are like me, and want to do something, here are some links to help you get started.

  • Here’s a link to help children.  Do it in the name of Christ.
  • Here’s a link to an article on six ways to help.  Do it for the glory of Christ and the joy of the Japanese.
  • Here’s are two links to how to pray in light of the disaster, and what to pray for the spiritual needs of Japan.
  • Finally, when I resigned from New Song Church to invest my remaining years in mentoring young church planters, I and a number of others also started a new organization to link US Churches and individuals with Asian churches for mission and relief in Asia. The organization is called Hands of Love America and you can give through it and know that monies will be used for relief AND mission.

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