Great Time with Ed Stetzer Tonight

Ed Stetzer and I sat down for dinner tonight at Flatlanders to discuss the class we are going to co-teach together in the Fall at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Meetings with Ed are always fun, fast paced and challenging. This one was all of that and more.

We fleshed out the guts of what we will be teaching, how we will work together to make the class a winner for the students and play to both our strengths. But Ed also shot straight with me as a long time friend and gave me some good counsel on some issues facing our ministry. It’s great to have friends that are honest.

Keep those people close. Cultivate friends in your life that will tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it or are trying to avoid it.

And Bill Bauer, Ed Stetzer, Karl and Ed Schoenleber: Thanks for being great friends and cheerleaders to me. You are highly valued.

Oh and for the record: The class Ed Stetzer and I are teaching is called: Missional Leadership for Congregational and Church Planting Ministry.

I will let you know more in about three weeks about content and dates. Meanwhile, pray for us as we work on the content and for the students we hope to influence for the Kingdom of God and the glory of Christ.

One thought on “Great Time with Ed Stetzer Tonight

  1. Haven’t checked, but I hope Ed Stetzer has this same type of post the other way around on his blog! Seriously this class sounds great,looking forward to hearing more about it – maybe you can come out to L.A. to do it there as well. I am currently reading the book Comeback Churches by Ed Stezer and and Mike Dodson – I don’t know if there could be a better book to help me think through future ministry of church revitalization and replanting.


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