Fighting the Romans 7-8 Battle

Friday is for Heart Songs

Marty IIIMy son has a new poem up on  He now has a new book of 50 of his poems (available on Amazon).

You can see it below. Great, raw, honest stuff. Proud of you, son.

7 thoughts on “Fighting the Romans 7-8 Battle

  1. Great job Marty …
    I am a old friend of your fathers. He has taught me much. I remember you when you were very young. Your father has been blessed and you are beleiver. Your video inspires me. Maybe it is just by chance, but I just shared Psalm 40 on my facebook page. Your father once told me, “any day that goes by and you do not learn something new about your Lord is a wasted day.” I hold this close to my heart and pray everyday for stronger faith.

    Thank you (both Marty’s)
    With Love,
    Jim Murray


    1. Jim Murray; the last commentor on this post, died at the age of 40 just a few months after posting this comment. Praise God for the gospel that gave Jim, a very troubled young man, the hope of eternal life.


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