Destroying Our Joy in God

Remind the Flock You Shepherd
Remind Your Own Heart

Prayer“Every choice away from the will of God is a choice to diminish our enjoyment of God. Any diminution of God’s law or application of  it in our situation is always—no matter how reasonable it appears, no matter how pleasurable the immediate gratification or how stress-reducing (for the moment) the movement away from holiness—we rob ourselves of both grace for the moment and glories in that future moment when we see Him face to face.”    mps

‘Lord, impress this on my heart. Carve it into my psyche. Imprint my soul with this truth. Put a stopper in the leak in my soul so that my heart is always filled with a knowledge of you—the way, the truth and the life.’

cf. John 14:15, 21, 23-24

© Marty Schoenleber, Jr. 2011, 2013 (revised repost)

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