The Destabilizing God Who Heals

Wednesday is for Prayer

I am finishing Ann Voskamp’s new book One Thousand Gifts, and just ran across a wonderful quote from Walter Brueggermann. Speaking of God Brueggermann writes:

“The shock of such a partner destabilizes us too much. The risk is too great, the discomfort so demanding. We much prefer to settle for a less demanding, less overwhelming meeting. Yet we are haunted by the awareness that only this overwhelming meeting gives life.”*

* (cited in One Thousand Gifts, p. 211.)

My prayer for you this day is that you are completely and utterly destabilized by a God so great, so overwhelming, and so discomforting that you surrender all that you are at His feet and receive from Him the life that only He can give, so that you can do everything that He calls you to do.

“Lord Jesus, for whoever visits here today, would you help them to find something, anything, somewhere on this blog, an arrow that will point them to You and overwhelm them with a sense of Your presence and power. Change people who wander here today, for Your glory and the joy of all people. Amen.”

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