The World We Live In Needs Us to Befriend Them

Despair 1I ran across this when WordPress automatically linked it to one of my posts as having similar content. Must have been a tag that was similar. The author is a good writer. She is insightful and paints graphic pictures of the meaninglessness of much of what Americans fill their lives with. She is a cynic and I have no idea if she is a believer in Christ or not. But what she writes is a great reminder of some of the things that the gospel of Jesus saves us from in addition to our sins and judgment.

Modern day Americans are often trapped in lousy, disappointing, soul crushing careers. If they are not divorced already, their marriages are on the rocks. They live far outside of their means, rack up thousands of dollars of debt, and then they work overtime to pay for the toys they never have time to play with. They dedicate their lives to pleasing ungrateful children who won’t amount to much more than they did. Hours of their downtime is spent in front of the television, switching from reality show to reality show, because it is easier to watch other people live life than it is to live their own.

In a rare moment of creativity, they might write a secret out on a postcard and send it to a website because they don’t have a single person in real life that they trust enough to share their fears with. They feel all of this on top of the usual human maladies of sickness, death and grief.

Violent Acres ]


Men and women, Jesus is the answer to the maladies of  “sickness, death and grief.”  But he is more than that. He is forgiver of sin, and the redeemer of people for eternity. Heaven will have no sickness, no death, no grief. And life with Jesus now, before heaven, can have less of each and more joy than the writer of the paragraphs above can imagine.

Live for more than your comfort, convenience and security. Live to make Jesus known so that more will know unrestrained joy, both now and for eternity.

Revised and reposted 2/26/13

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