New Heroes and New Friends

Wednesday is for Prayer

This past week I was training church planters in Schenectady, NY and met some treasures of the Kingdom. On my 525 mile trip to WV to meet up with my incredible bride and youngest daughter, I was burdened in prayer for a number of the men and couples that I met during the training. We are now back in Illinois but my heart continues to be burdened for them. Let me highlight just a few.

  • Paul and Laura are American missionaries to Bolivia, back on home assignment, getting a daughter settled in college, raising new support, upgrading their training for the mission and, hopefully, getting some rest. Would you pray for them? Pray that Jesus would be their treasure and joy and that they would find rest and strength for their journey. Pray that their three daughters would delight in their parent’s call to ministry and would find their own path in God’s will.  These are new heroes of mine.
  • Jeremy and April are missionary church planters to the city of  Toronto, Canada and the multitude of South Asians living there. Jeremy is a tender-hearted warrior who loves people and is a delight to be around. He is facing some serious health issues due to his time in Africa, India, and Cambodia. Pray that the latest medication to deal with blood flukes in his system (small intestinal worms) works and that God, in his mercy heals his colon of the after effects of the disease.
  • Finally, Baker Hill is a missionary to Quebec, Canada. He is planting churches among the French speaking population of Quebec. A gentle man who has stood up to much spiritual battle in Africa where he was used along with a team of others to plant 40 churches. Now in Quebec, he hopes to stimulate a church planting movement that will change the face of Quebec for the glory of God.

There are many more that I will tell you about over the next few weeks, but would you lift these men and their families up to God today. These are men and women laying down their lives for Christ. Pray that the fruit of their lives would result in great glory for the King.

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