We Settle for Substitutes When God Wants to Reward Faith

Friday is for Heart Songs

Reading the inspiring story of Hannah (1 Samuel 1-2) and her triumphant faith poured out in tearful mourning before God. So often we think faith is a plastic smile that sails through turmoil and heartache without a pang of anxiety. Nonsense.

Hannah pours out her faith through the spigots of her eyes. Her broken heart has not been taken seriously by her insensitive husband, has been abused by her rival, and both of these soul-harrowing heartaches have droned on for years. Yet.

She pours her prayers out to God and God hears. She was not going to be satisfied with anything other than the power of God at work in her life and her tears seemed almost to have watered heaven.

Oh Lord, we are so different from Hannah. Instead of running to You and pouring out our hearts in a flood of tears to the only One who can solve our biggest traumas and hurts, we run to food, and TV, and entertainment, and sin, and a zillion other substitutes to fill up the emptiness of our lives.

Make me, help me, run to You in the disappointments of life. And thank You, thank You, thank You for the wonder of 36 years of tears answered. I love You Lord. Help me to love You more. For the sake of Your name, for the glory of You and Your kingdom, for the joy of everyone I can tell about You, make me desperate for You. Amen.”

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