Party Going Prophets Able to Laugh and Live for Holiness

Wednesday is for Prayer

Wedding at Cana Mattia Preti 1655

John 2:1-12   Jesus celebates with a family at a wedding in Cana

a few days later . . .

John 2:13-22    Jesus cleanses the Temple of money changers for the first time.

“Lord, you entered into the community and celebrated with the bridal party at Cana and then just a few days later you went up to the Temple in Jerusalem and expressed your anger at the extortion and corruption and the lack of prayer in its confines. You mixed (1) compassion and celebration with friends with (2) a passion for holiness. Would you build those qualities into me and all your people.

Make us winsome and engaging with our neighbors and boldly prophetic in our preaching against corruption in spiritual places. Make us like you Lord. Make us like you for the glory of Your name, and the power of the resurrection. Amen.”

Would you pray this for me today?
Would you pray it for your pastor?
Would you pray it for yourself?

Do it soon.

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